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lash & brow styling glaze

make your eyes come alive with 4VOO lash & brow styling glaze. add an attractive shimmer to enhance, or create a sensuousness that will captivate. 

4VOO lash & brow styling glaze: 

  • lengthens

  • thickens

  • controls

  • conditions

4VOO lash & brow styling glaze is offered in two colors: clear (translucent) and black.


US$ 23.00
US$ 23.00


when using 4VOO lash & brow styling glaze on your eyelashes it is important to apply it from the base of the lash to the tip with an upward roll of the applicator on your upper lashes, and a downward roll on your lower lashes. let it dry and apply a second time for added thickness. to lengthen your lashes add a third and fourth application to just the tips. when applying to your eyebrows, style as desired with the applicator and let dry.




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