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4VOO men's skin care   Apr 2010

Body Noir
Body Noir Tyson

Haute Mens Skincare

Calling all wives, girlfriends, significant others, partners, whatever your title is: It's time to get your man on a skincare regimen cause soap and water doesn't cut it! Ladies, we spend so much money, time and energy buying products to maintain our beauty and youthfulness, but stop and think for a second...When was the last time you bought cleanser and moisturizer for your "boo"? 
Men, generally speaking, like to keep it simple. Too many products to use will surely guarantee no use at all. I absolutely love 4VOO products because it combines luxury and good skincare for men! The packaging is sleek, clean and simple and the products keep your man sexy and groomed. Trust me when I say that he is just as concerned about fine lines and wrinkles as you are. 4VOO has a great starter kit that includes a cleanser, after shave, moisturizer and eye gel which retails for $60. That's pennies in a bucket compared to our beauty bills! So get him a "just cuz I love you" gift this weekend....both of you benefit in the end! 


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