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4VOO : For dad

by Jason Salzenstein

When it comes to signs of aging, itís said that men can get away with more, and donít have to worry as much about upkeep. Frankly, weíre pretty sure that whomever started that trend was an older gentleman.

While gray (sorry, "silver") hair may look distinguished, saggy, blotchy, wrinkly skin is definitely not cute.

Tanning is depassťe (who wants to be the color of a Dorito, with wrinkles like a pug?), but a nice bronze color gives an air of youth, sophistication, and the "I just got back from someplace exotic" look. Whatís a guy to do? Luckily, thereís an easy solution: Moisturizing Self Tanner from 4VOO. Not only does the formula give you -and your dad- a beautiful bit of color, it also moisturizes as it goes. And whatís better than getting a (safe) tan while reducing signs of aging? Iíll tell you: not much.

The secret formula includes multi-peptides and rich botanicals for an all-in-one result; itís so simple, even dad can do it!

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