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Mar 09

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Dude, Where’s My Eyeliner?”

Men’s cosmetics come out of the closet


No more clandestine strolls down the aisles of CVS filling our baskets with Old Spice, Magnum condoms and beef jerky in the hopes of fooling the cashier into overlooking our bottle of Maybelline liquid makeup. (Though we think throwing in that box of tampons and a pregnancy test were the real decoys.)

Now, we can proudly whip out Shine Reduction Powder, Lip Maximizing Serum and Enhancing Eyeliner from deep within our murses and perform a little touch-up anywhere we happen to be, thanks to men’s cosmetics and makeup from 4VOO.

If anyone calls us names, we’ll simply show them the label on our compact: “Modern Man,” bitches! We’re here, we’re queer and we’ll be damned if we’re going to have shiny foreheads.

But any monkey can slap “made for men” on the outside of a package. The experts over at 4VOO have specially formulated these items to work best with the XY chromosomes and men’s unique skin issues.

Strong enough for a woman, but made for a man, if you will.

The products are gentle and as subtle as you need them to be. Because if we were going for the Tammy Faye look, we’d stick with that secret stash of Covergirl we keep around for “Halloween.”

4VOO Men’s Cosmetics start at $19
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