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4VOO ultra intensive age-defying complex                                                   
Sep 08

Gay List Daily:  4VOO ultra intensive age-defying complex  Sep 08 Gay List Daily:  4VOO ultra intensive age-defying complex  Sep 08
All The “Beau,” None Of The “Tox”

Anti-aging without the needles


Personally, when we want to reduce our wrinkles and fugly blemishes, we turn to our full-time, clandestine Photoshop team to enhance our youthful appearances. (Notice that you've never seen us out in person?)

But now we can venture gaily forth into the light of day confident that our imperfections, though very, very minor, will not be the focus of stares and rock hurling by villagers wielding long, fiery torches. It's a primitive culture outside the hallowed Gay List Daily doors.

With the new Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex from 4VOO, getting squirted across the face is not just pleasurable, it's beneficial. Tres revolutionary!

The formula replicates many of the benefits of that well-known injectable bovine toxin, including reduction of wrinkles and age lines (after just a couple days!) and long-term results such as invigorated skin with uniformity of tone and radiant color.

Once again, with all the products we've graciously tested on your behalf, it's amazing we don't each have a third arm (sprouting from anywhere unusual, that is). These companies may not test on animals, but it sure as hell seems okay to test on the gays.

Luckily, we've been sent some quality stuff and this ranks up there right with the top. He told us so.

We've also noticed results after only a few morning and nighttime applications and we're eager to try their serums, bronzers and shine reduction powders.

Now, what to do with this value-pack of syringes we just bought from that Canadian online pharmacy.

$199/ 1.7 oz bottle
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