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4VOO ultra intensive age-defying complex        
Sep 08


The Hamilton Spectator: 4VOO ultra intensive age-defying complex   Sep 08 The Hamilton Spectator: 4VOO ultra intensive age-defying complex  Sep 08
Man enough for Botox?

by Mary K. Nolan 

There is no record of Ponce de Leon visiting Stoney Creek.

But the Spanish explorer's legendary fountain of youth seems to have sprung up on the South Service Road.

That's where Marek Cosmetics has developed Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex, the latest in its 4VOO line of skin-care products and cosmetics for men.

Company founders Marek Hewryk and Andrzej Lappo say the product is a revolution in anti-aging skin care for men. The lightly scented cream is touted as having the same benefits as Botox with none of the risks.

They call it "the Ferrari of anti-aging men's skin care" offering "luxury, power and incredible performance" and promise it will visibly reduce wrinkles, combat dryness and fine lines, and diminish age spots.

Time will tell, but for the moment, 4VOO products are becoming the darling of luxe fashion mags, professional stylists, celebrities, print and television.

The line has had editorial exposure in Danish Cosmopolitan, French Vogue, GQ in Taiwan, Korea's Maxim, Men's Health in Croatia, Elle, Esquire, Manolo, mainstream newspapers and European, North American and Asian magazines for straight and gay readers.

It has been featured on the CBS Early Show, CTV's eTalk and the Tonight Show, where host Jay Leno dabbed his face with 4VOO's shine reduction powder.

They claim it has been used by Brad Pitt, Michael Douglas, Al Pacino and Matthew Broderick.

With last month's introduction of the age-defying complex, the product line grows to 20 items, including a cosmetic collection with eyeliner, body bronzer, lip serum and cover stick. The skin-care collection consists of cleanser, after-shave balm, face scrub and mask, under-eye gel, moisturizer and lift treatment.

Men's skin-care products are not new -- Lancome, L'Oreal, Shiseido, Clinique, Hugo Boss, Vichy and Biotherm are already out there in full force.

But the 4VOO folks say their products are superior, not only in formulation and concentration, but also in the distinctive packaging and limited distribution.

Not to mention cost -- the age-defying complex is $199 for a 50-mL bottle.

The price of 4VOO products reflects the quality, says Hewryk, a chemist with training in medicine and business. He says the new product has a three-part formulation. The first produces short-term effects by reducing wrinkles and fine lines with extracts from European and Asian plants rich in inorganic compounds.

The second yields long-term effects with a multi-peptide formula that repairs and invigorates aged and wrinkled skin by promoting collagen production. Finally, the product encourages skin uniformity with natural extracts that even out discolouration and age spots.

Although the 4VOO head office is in Stoney Creek, the products are nowhere to be found locally.

They're available in Ontario, Alberta, B.C. and Quebec in select locations such as the men's section of some Shoppers Drug Marts. But distribution is worldwide --France, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Sweden, Taiwan and Singapore.

They're sold in London's swanky department store Harrods, the elegant Galeries Lafayette in Paris and the enormous Daimaru department store in Tokyo.

The products are also available online at 4voo.com.
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