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   4VOO confidence corrector    Apr 09


Hi Luxury:†  4VOO confidence corrector    Apr 09

4VOO is a male cosmetic and skin-care line. Popular with the celebrity and jet-set crowd, it contains a full line of products that will enhance your natural heat. The Confidence Corrector is basically a concealer that is specially formulated for men. With botanical ingredients and added UV protection, it will not only cover your skinís flaws, but protect it from environmental damage. It is conveniently packaged in a stick so you donít have to fuss with brushes or pads. 
Apply to any areas of uneven tone or breakouts, or use to minimize the appearance of pores. Even though they may deny it, many male celebrities wear makeup on a regular basis. You can get the Confidence Corrector online at www.4VOO.com.
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