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4VOO moisturizing self tanner in  Life.com                  Mar 2012

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Now also self tanner for men 

Spring is in the country, which means we have exactly three months time to the summer to prepare. From that perspective, launches cosmetics brand 4VOO a self tanner for men. 

The moisturizing self-tanner gives skin of every man once a sporty, energetic look without streaks or unnatural orange appearance. The effect is immediately visible and the complexion remains a full week sitting. Even after shaving, washing or scrubbing remains intact tan.

The brand uses in its products only ingredients of the highest quality. It goes without saying that the new self-tanner is no exception. Zijdeprote´nes nourish and moisturize the skin optimally, so it does not 'pull'. Moreover strengthen the patented anti-aging ingredients to the skin from the inside causing wrinkles and fine lines less noticeable.

4voo self tanner


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