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4VOO press room:  New York Times - 4VOO cosmetics for men
Sep 2010

New York Times - 4VOO cosmetics for men
New York Times - 4VOO cosmetics for men

Men’s Cosmetics Becoming a Bull Market

"... At 4VOO, a seven-year-old Canadian company, sales have tripled over the last four years, according to Marek Hewryk, the founder. Its products — all targeted to men — include a lipstick-shaped concealer called Confidence Corrector ($34); a Lash and Brow Styling Glaze, applied with a mascara wand ($23); and even an eyeliner ($19). 

“Women use cosmetic products to beautify, but men have a totally different approach and totally different goals,” said Mr. Hewryk, who holds degrees in applied chemistry and biology. “Men use cosmetic products in order to cover up or correct imperfections, not to enhance beauty.” 


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