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4VOO press room:    press release  August 1, 2008

4VOO Distinct Man® Set To Launch
The Most Luxurious Anti-Aging Product On The Market For Men 

Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada - August 1, 2008.

The sophisticated man’s evasive search for youth rejuvenation and age suppression has finally ended. Canadian brand 4VOO Distinct Man®, well-known for its high-end quality products, is launching the most luxuriously exclusive anti-aging product on the market for men, the 4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex. 

Mimicking the desired effects of Botox®, 4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex is a rich topical solution formulated to bring back youthful vibrancy and stifle the aging process without the risks of traditional botox injections. An elegant silk protein complex and a powerful multi-peptide formulation, along with many other dynamic ingredients, combine to make 4VOO’s Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex a breakthrough anti-aging exclusive formula.

Designed to visibly reduce wrinkles and age lines, lighten and even skin tone, and restore collagen production, 4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex is truly a revolution in anti-aging skin care for men.

“The market isn’t just about women anymore. Men want to look and feel younger, too – more so now than ever.” says Marek Hewryk, President of 4VOO. “So that’s exactly what we’re bringing to the market with this product, and we’re very excited about it.” 

4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex

Using the most advanced ingredients on the market, 4VOO has created a luxurious product that generates three exceptional effects: short-term benefits by combating wrinkle and fine line expression, long-term results by repairing and invigorating aged skin by stimulating collagen production, and manufacturing skin uniformity by infusing it with natural extracts.

“Men today are searching for an anti-aging solution, but there are also a lot of concerns about the side effects of Botox® injections,” says Hewryk, “Well, what we’ve done here with our exclusive formulation is preserve the benefits and eliminate those concerns. No injections are required, there are no side effects, and we use only state-of-the-art ingredients. ” 

4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex is specifically tailored to enhance the successful appearance of today’s distinct man. “For a man who understands that his look is extremely important to his personal and professional success, just a moisturizer is not good enough,” explains Hewryk. “Most of the moisturizers for men are like ordinary cars. 4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex is the Ferrari of anti-aging men’s skin care: luxury, power, and incredible performance.”

Already a favoured brand among many celebrities and professionals, 4VOO is dedicated to creating the highest quality skincare and enhancement products to meet the increasing demands of today’s sophisticated man. 4VOO proudly offers the Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex to continue this tradition. “Let’s just say the results have been incredible so far,” says Hewryk. 

4VOO products are available for purchase at prestigious department stores throughout the world such as Harrods-London, Galleries-Lafayette-Paris, Ahlens-Stockholm, and Daimaru-Tokyo. North American customers can purchase from our company website at www.4voo.com and from selected boutiques through the United States and Canada.

A press kit is available on our website (http://www.4voo.com/press/

Please forward your questions to: 

Marek Hewryk
Phone: 905-769-4203
Fax: 905-643-0889

4VOO Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex
50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz.
Retail price in Canada and US: $199.00



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