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4VOO press room:    press release  October 19, 2011

4VOO distinct man® revolution in Skin Care for Men

First Anti-Aging Product to Work with Men’s Biology

Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada – October 19, 2011: 

The long-awaited real-life solution for men seeking a product formulated to work exclusively with men’s hormones and biology has finally arrived! From 4VOO, the innovative specialists in luxury skin care for men, comes the acclaimed “uber TECH super-restoring night formula.” 

uber TECH super-restoring night formula’s results are nothing less than exceptional (among the staggering results reported are wrinkles reduced by up to 61% and collagen production boosted by 280%). The formula is the only men’s product on the market that combats the negative effect of dihydrotestosteron (a testosterone derivative)—and it’s not only the most effective product available, it’s also the most luxurious. The rich formula is supplemented by stem cell technology, platinum technology, and polarized water.

The secret to the miraculous results this rich and luxurious product provides? The Canadian company’s founder, Marek Hewryk, a third-generation chemist and biologist who has devoted his career to the fields of dermatology and skin care, explains that his approach to product development is similar to the trend toward hybrid cars. “uber TECH achieves a delicate balance between high-performance technology and luxurious natural ingredients—between science and sensuality, if you will: like a turbo-charged Lamborghini with seductively supple interior,” suggests Hewryk. “In the case of uber TECH, the most important ingredient among them is hybridized peptides, designed exclusively for men’s skin.”

As the only product on the market that contains this integral component, uber TECH super-restoring night formula has generated a lot of excitement among the royalty, celebrities, and successful businessmen that are Hewryk’s clients—not to mention the international buzz in the skin care industry. “The hybridized peptides work with men’s skin to remarkably reduce the negative effects of testosterone,” Hewryk says. “These synthetic peptides dramatically increase the synthesis of collagen I and II, visibly reducing wrinkles and preventing water loss that can be caused by the hormone.”

In addition to the hybridized peptides, three other key ingredients contribute to uber TECH’s unsurpassed effectiveness: plant stem cells technology that increases skin cell stress resistance and protects skin cell DNA, platinum technology that allows intelligent delivery to skin cells, and polarized water that hydrates skin immediately. Silk, natural extracts, and vitamins delivered in phospholipids also contribute to uber TECH’s effectiveness.

Hewryk has created a revolution in men’s skin care: “These products aren’t just marketed toward men—they are developed specifically for men—using science, technology, and nature to create the most effective solutions. Finally, there is one product that is specially formulated for men, one that works with a man’s biology,” says Hewryk.

4VOO products, including uber TECH super-restoring night formula, are available at the most luxurious and prestigious department stores in the world, including Harrods in London, Galleries Lafayette and BHV in Paris, and Daimaru and Isetan in Tokyo. North American customers can purchase from our company website at www.4voo.com and from selected boutiques through the United States and Canada.

A press kit is available on our website (http://www.4voo.com/press/

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4VOO uber TECH super-restoring night formula
50 ml / 1.7 fl. oz.
Retail price in Canada and US: $210.00

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