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   4VOO microdermabrasion    Jan 09

by  Nathan Johnson

4VOO microdermabrasion recomended by celebrity artist Nathan Johnson in Running with heels

4VOO microdermabrasion recomended by celebrity artist Nathan Johnson in Running with heels
Growing up, I was lucky enough to have a mother who introduced me to skincare at a very early age. From 7ish on, I would meet her in her bathroom at bedtime and she would apply cleanser and creams to herself and then me. I loved our little ritual and I have been doing it myself ever since. All these years later, when I compare myself to others in my age bracket, I realize just how much it was worth the (minimal) effort.

Working on faces the way that I do; I suppose one could say I obsess over skin. No matter what look I am going for, I always perfect the client’s skin first. Foundation can do wonders, but when the skin underneath is flawless–any make up, simple or complex will look spectacular.

Walking into a department store, you might think that you need to buy everything on the planet to maintain a healthy, radiant complexion. But the truth is, better skin can be achieved in a few simple steps.
First, drink water. Every day, drink as much as you can. If you are not hydrated inside, how can you expect to be hydrated outside? Simple right?

For the skin itself, I recommend that you perform a 2-step home microdermabrasion at least once a week. This will sluff off the dead skin and stimulate the renewal process as it nourishes and moisturizes. If large pores are an issue for you, which they are for many people, then this step is vital. I LOVE the 4VOO microdermabrasion. The two sizes of mineral crystals act as a deep exfoliator, nourishing as they clean and tone. The second step, an energizing mask, uses vitamins and botanical extracts to stimulate and support the natural renewal process. The 4VOO line is marketed toward men, but don’t let that stop you from picking up a set of your own. The ingredients are top of the line and the results are phenomenal. www.4VOO.com
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