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Jun 2011


Between burning you and causing premature aging, the sun can be a major pain. Here’s how to deal with its rays without completely disowning the big bugger.

by Alex Nino Gheciu

Here comes the sun—to kick your ass, that is. You may be gunning for a walnut-brown Arnold tan this summer, but without proper protection, UV rays can give you tomato-red dragon scales instead. Oh c’mon now, don’t just give up and join the circus. You have other options.

Choose a sunscreen. Wisely.

“I think it’s important that everyone wears sunscreen daily,” says Dr. Davindra Singh, lead dermatologist at Toronto clinic AvantDerm. But you shouldn’t slap on just any old bottle of Coppertone. “The sun’s rays are split up into UVA rays (which cause premature aging) and UVB rays (which burn the skin). But a sunscreen’s SPF rating only measures UVB. In the past, everybody thought that UVB was the only important thing for skin cancer. But now we know that UVA causes cancer and melanoma and it’s most responsible for photoaging.”


4VOO Moisturizing Self Tanner  recommended by Sharp magazine

Obey the Tan Commandments.

The first Commandment: Though shalt not use tanning beds. “Oh, those are a definite no-no,” says Singh. “They’ve been declared a class one carcinogen by the World Health Organization, the same as cigarette smoke and arsenic.”
So what’s the best way to bronze? “Self tanners,” he suggests. “There’s no risk to those.”
Your best bet is 4VOO’s Moisturizing Self Tanner. Not only does it deliver anti-aging effects via an exclusive multi-peptide blend, it leaves you with the most radiant of faux glows. No sunlight required. Hasta la vista, baby. $80, 4voo.com.


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