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4VOO press room:   stockholm fashion -  4VOO skin care for men                            May 2007

Stockholm fashion -  4VOO line May 2007

4VOO - 4 men! 

Written by Henric Zethelius

Stockholm fashion -  4VOO line May 2007

4VOO is a new exciting skin care range especially made for men that is now available in Sweden. Much thought has been given to make the products attractive for the target group (men…), from the design of the bottles, to making sure the products work quickly for the impatient men. 
Quite a few of the products are enriched with silk and that will help to instantly soften lines and give the skin a smooth, youthful feel and look.
4VOO not only offers a skin care line, but also a correction line. This can be seen as make up for men, but the thought is more to use it for corrections and cover up and the philosophy is “less is more”.

The products are available at selected retailers around Sweden. 

Stockholm fashion -  4VOO line May 2007Stockholm fashion -  4VOO line May 2007
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