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4VOO press room:   Street cents - TV show Canada                                               

Street Test: Makeup for Men

air date: April 30  2007

Makeup for men is on the rise. Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake and Enrique Iglesias wear it and more and more guys are wearing it out to work and on dates.

It may seem slightly preposterous, but men are discovering the secrets of makeup that women have coveted for so long. So we picked three Montreal males to see if makeup really makes an impression in the menís world.

The Brands
Street Cents picked two brands to try, Menaji and 4VOO. (...)  So what are the details behind these new beauty products?


Male celebrities have been powdering their nose far more often now that Menaji is on the market. Menís magazines such as FHM and Penthouse are also touting their benefits.

The products that Street Cents tested out are the ones that we thought men would be most likely to actually wear. We chose the:

Anti Shine Powder

Enhancer (Bronzer)



Shine Reduction Powder

Face and Body Bronzer

Confidence Corrector

After our guys have tried on each brand, weíll have their friends assess just how natural it is and whether or not the makeup for men has boosted their manly beauty.

Testersí Comments for Menaji

"If this is the darkest concealer that Menaji has, then it doesnít really work for black people."
"It doesnít really blend in."

"This really doesnít look good, it looks like someone hit me."
"It definitely makes you darker, but it makes you shiny too."
"This does not work. Basically you have to have a medium skin tone because if youíre black it doesnít work, and if youíre light it doesnít work either."

Friendsí Comments
"Never! In the dark, only in the dark!"
"You look like a girl."
"Itís bad, I donít like makeup on men."
"I preferred you before, man."
"The makeup has made him look dull."

Testersí Comments for 4V00

Confidence Corrector:
"The makeup is light so itís actually mixing in with the skin, not just covering it, so you donít have white splotches on your face."

Face and Body Bronzer
"I think this works 100 times better, there is a difference in my skin, almost like a natural tan."
"Itís more liquidy than the other brand, not as think and creamy, so itís more like a natural skin colour."

Shine Reduction Powder
"I personally wouldnít wear makeup every day, but for someone who would this really isnít that bad. It doesnít take that much time or take much effort."

Friendsí Comments
"It looks good!"
"You canít really tell, it blends in well."
"Thatís better! The other one was too red, now you look like youíre alive."

The Verdict

Itís pretty unanimous  - 4VOO is the one to try! So, whatís up with all the celebrities slapping the Menaji on their faces?? Looks like Canadian men are on to an even better beauty secret Ė see you in the powder room gentlemen!
4VOO wins our test.


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