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4VOO cosmetics for men in World's Luxury Guide                   Jan 2012

Flawless Masculinity 

The 20th Century was a male enemy, at least cosmetically. A man wearing make-up, not a man, clown or drag queen. With David Beckham and the metrosexual men ventured into the first tentative handles makeup box and provided a reconciliation of makeup and masculinity.

Men have to deal with just wrinkles, uneven eyebrow growth and dark circles as well as women. Only it did not matter so much to them yet, because they believed they would see ugly wrinkles out only in women, in men, however, interesting. Meanwhile, they have realized that makeup is not understood as circumcision of their manhood, and no longer work with a growing self-evident only to care products such as creams or masks, but also to powder, concealer and even "manscara" and "Guyliner". (...)

The best brands of men's cosmetics

A product to the men especially liked is the concealer. (...) Recommended are the products of 4VOO that not only aesthetically pleasing. (in men's cosmetics range unfortunately not a given) enriched, but also with highly complex active ingredients and therefore are highly priced than some line for women Speaking of Women: If the trend continues in the men's care, will soon operate in the bathroom is no longer the men for women - but vice versa.


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